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Would you like to have your thesis written? Before you make such an important decision, we recommend that you get well informed about this service.

There are not that many people today who choose to continue their PhD after completing their Masters. This can be explained by the fact that in professional life and especially in the business world, the greatest value is placed on acquired skills and traits of employees. Academic title plays accordingly smaller and smaller role. Doctoral degree is only important in case you want to start a scientific career. There is still the opinion in society that a PhD can open quite a few doors not only in science but also in politics.

Ghostwriter PhD thesis: why do so many people choose?

Writing a PhD is a complicated task that requires many skills, time, energy, and concentration. For the working people, it is of course almost impossible to create such a task independently, because most of them suffer from lack of time and are primarily focused on their professional tasks and goals. By contrast, the situation is very different for people being financially supported by their families or through numerous scholarship programs. They have a lot of time and therefore can devote themselves to such a serious work. We regret to note that 82% of all doctoral students belong to the first group. And they have no choice but to contact numerous writing offices and online agencies for qualified help.

How can a ghostwriter help write a dissertation?

You have decided to ask a ghostwriter for help? Okay, first you need to know what he can do to help you.

Lecture Dissertation: You write your own work. In this case, the ghostwriter is your academic supervisor, we would even say that he is indeed assuming the role of your PhD supervisor. The author acquaints himself with the text of the work and gives his feedback about the writing. If necessary, he may also adapt the content of the text content, but not completely rewrite, correct possible spelling mistakes, so, proofreading for a dissertation perform and change the format of the work. More about editing can be found here.

Ghostwriting PhD thesis, first option: the author creates the thesis independently. But you have to specify in our system, the instructions that you have received at the university, as well as your personal information. It is recommended to order a phone call with the author. With such a difficult and serious work, it is extremely important that the client discusses the details with the author and that they understand each other well. We would also recommend our customers to keep the writing process under constant control. This means systematically logging into the system and checking whether the author uploads intermediate statuses in good time and whether the written material corresponds to the desired.

Ghostwriting PhD thesis, second option: you write most of the work independently. If necessary, the author writes only chapters or pages. He can also help you with the literature search, perform statistical analysis or create an outline or a conclusion on the work.

Conclusion. The doctoral student decides for himself what kind of help he needs. If he is able to write the work independently, he could simply order a copy. But if he does not accomplish this task on his own, it certainly pays off to offer a professional author for help.

Ghostwriter PhD thesis: what is the price?

Writing a dissertation is the hardest thing for a ghostwriter. This is the most serious scientific work to be self-contained and to include subject-specific knowledge based on empirical research. Accordingly, writing such a job requires not only a lot of time, but also high skills. And we know: good authors cost good money.

When choosing a writing agency please pay attention to what prices this writing service offers. If the prices are too low, it may mean (but does not have to!) That there are not enough competent authors working for this agency. Consequently, the quality of the work written by such authors may also be too low. Unfortunately, it is impossible to insure yourself when choosing a typing agency. Therefore, before the customers make an order, they should be well informed about the selected agency and weigh up various aspects, so as not to be disappointed later. And now as far as the prices are concerned … A page dissertation that has to be prepared in 6 months will cost 29 euros at our agency. The price increases, if the work is needed faster, for example, a page that should be made in 7 days, cost 49 euros.

One more question: is it legal at all?

Anyone who turns to a typing agency and has their work written would like to know if ghostwriting is even punishable in a dissertation? We have already reported on ghostwriting on our website. In short, it can only be said that ghostwriting only violates a law if the ghostwriter’s work is used as a template rather than an academic title.

Brief information on the subject of “Doctorate Procedures”

The course of the doctoral procedure differs depending on the university and degree program. A doctoral thesis must not only be written and published, but also verbally defended. This rule applies to all doctoral students, without exception. In that case one should not put the doctoral student’s knowledge under doubt. When you start to write a thesis, you first have to choose the topic. This topic must be really interesting and secure the commitment and good mood of the doctoral student. Many universities are demanding that their doctoral students create an expose. In short, in your expose you must answer the basic questions of your dissertation: what you are investigating, why you have chosen such an item, and what methods you are using. Of course, the size of the epic may also vary, but at least it should be 10 pages of text. After creating an expose, you begin the literature search. It is also important to determine the total pages of future work. Typical doctoral thesis covers from 70 to 100 pages, but the exact number differs depending on the degree program. After completing this preparatory work, the doctoral student can start writing directly. What to start with – an introduction or a main part – is a matter of taste. In any case, the doctoral candidate will gain new knowledge and improve his skills in the writing process.

We wish you a lot of success and hope that you will enjoy the writing process!

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